Research publications

In this section you find all publications of research on the Maternal and Child Health Handbook. In order to reach better health for all women and children it is essential that research is conducted on the effectiveness of the MCH Handbook program. To improve the book, but also to gain support from health workers and policy makers in adopting the MCH Handbook program.

2016 – The Mother and Child Health Handbook in Japan as a Health Promotion Tool: An Overview of Its History, Contents, Use, Benefits, and Global Influence – Takeuchi J. et al

2015 – The MCH Handbook in Mongolia, a clustered randomized controlled trial – Mori R. et al

2015 – Effect of MCH Handbook on maternal knwoledge and behaviour, a comm based cotrolled trial in rural Cambodia – Yanagisawa

2013 – Work together and learn together for maternal and child health handbook – Nakamura Y.

2012 – Is Maternal and Child Health Handbook effective? – Baequni and Nakamura Y.

2010 – Maternal and Child Health Handbook in Japan – Nakamura Y.

2009 – Field testing and potential benefits of a MCH handbook in Bangladesh (2009)

2007 – Increased Utilization of Maternal Health Services by mothers using the MCH handbook in Indonesia – Kusumayati and Nakamura Y.