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February 2019: information on MCH Handbook conference 2020 in Amsterdam online

Please find the latest news on the MCH Handbook conference July 8th- 10th 2020 in Amsterdam, the Netherlands on


December 2018: Declaration and presentations on the 11th International Conference in Bangkok now available on our website

You can now find the Bangkok declaration and the presentations of the MCH Handbook conference in Bangkok at our website.


June 2018: Dates and preliminary program available on the 11th International Conference MCH Handbook

The 11th International Conference on Maternal and Child Health Handbook will be held in Bangkok, Thailand from 12th-14th of December 2018. Please find now more information and the preliminary program here.


June 2018: Afghanistan’s first integrated MCH Handbook is launched

The Ministry of Public Health (MoPH) in partnership with Japan International Cooperation Agency (JICA), UNICEF, WHO and other partners have been working together to develop Afghanistan’s first ever integrated home based hand held personal maternal and child health record. A prototype, the Afghanistan MCH Handbook (MCH-HB) has recently been developed. It is largely pictorial with illustrated health promotion messages and space for recording key services such as antenatal care, postnatal care, birth registration, immunization and growth monitoring.
The MCH Handbook contains maternal health (before pregnancy, Childbirth and post-partum) and child health records (from newborn until the child age of 5 years old) and contains information on how to maintain health care for mother and child.
Maternal and child mortality is a big burden on families, communities and at country level. It affects the wellbeing of coming generation and the country as whole. We hope that by introducing this MCH handbook, pregnant mothers and their children seek preventive and curative services that are available around the country. Every pregnant mother receives one MCH Handbook if a mother had a multiple pregnancy, she will receive the number of MCH Handbooks according to the numbers of newborns she delivered.