Our mission

A better health for mothers and children

Karlijn met boekje zwanger (5) (1)The Maternal and Child Health Handbook is an  effective  tool, designed to support healthy pregnancies,  reduce birth risks and  improve the quality of  child  care. The MCH Handbook is a home-based record of essential information, kept by the family itself, to promote and maintain the health of mothers and children. The Handbook offers health information concerning pregnancy, delivery, and health care for new-born babies and young children. It includes vaccination records, growth charts and health education information.

Empowerment of parents plays a major role within Maternal and Child Healthcare. The MCH Handbook is not only about health education, but about creating ownership with women and families. Parents take their responsibility and are partners of the professional, therefore health is not created in the health center, but created and protected at home and within the community.

The MCH Handbook supports the integration of maternal, neonatal and child health services. The  Handbook program guarantees continuous and proper care for mothers  and  their  children worldwide.

The MCH Handbook program has been introduced in more than 30 countries, both developing and developed. Each country chooses its own interpretation, as the role the MCH Handbook plays is flexible, it adapts to the environment.