MCH handbooks



The MCH Handbook program has been introduced in more than 30 countries, both developing and developed. Is your country the next?

Below you find MCH Handbooks from all over the world, from the USA to Indonesia and from The Netherlands to Kenya.

The Maternal and Child Handbook is a booklet containing information on safe pregnancy, delivery and child health; and meanwhile serves as a health record. It ensures continuity of care and provides health education to parents. As such it has proven to be an effective tool in promoting and protecting the health of mothers and children.

The Handbook’s basic concept is very similar in many countries. However, the content, colours, pictures, and illustrations differ from country to country, reflecting each country’s unique cultures and customs.

Are you looking for tips on how to develop your own MCH Handbook programme? Do you want to learn from experiences in other countries? Check out ‘our mission’ section and find guidelines, research publications and best practices from around the world.

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